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Noredink’s ad-libs- cringy, cringy, cringy

26 Jan

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Everybody and their brother, sister spiritaul advisor, youtuber, imagniary freind, stalker, doctor and everybody else has heard of Noredink, or No Red Ink as it’s more commonly called. Now if you have not, then heres what it is, now listen closley-

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NRD is a grammar practicing site used to help kids practice grammar in a fun and engaging way. Now it does this by having the student submit their intrests such as television shows, video games, books, celebs, and custom intrests. It then takes these and inserts them into questions like this-

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Now these questions seem innocent on their own, with their own little punch lines mixed in. But it gets cringy with questions like this-

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so normally,we could leave the cringe alone and let it chill on its own, despite it being oblivious. And I mean this by it’s given me questions with characters from the simpsons that have died such as Edna Krabbapel and Maaude Flanders. So, let’s rev up those fryers.

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So, let’s make up some questions. They will be listed below, but feel free to make up your own with the same algorithm. Example-

(NAME) Danced with joy as (GENDER) was announced winner of the spelling bee.

Now to get started, get ready. Breathe, let’s go. (For max cringe, use the name of a YouTuber or someone else you’ve never really known much about, beyond a psudeo name and some small nuggets of personal info.)

(NAME) had always wanted to travel or even move to key west, but (GENDER) was used to the cold weather of their current house.

(NAME) laughed as they replaced the ramen and the fridge with shredded wheat, laughing as (GENDER) poured in the hot water to get things cooking.

After a long day at school, (NAME) found comfort with (GENDER)’s computer.

(NAME) laughed as they did the noredink challange on the blogofcoolness.

I offered to help (NAME) clean up all of the scraps from the party, but (GENDER) said they would do it as it was my birthday.

I congratulated (NAME) on their chemistry test grade.

(NAME) Handed me (GENDER)’s sweatshirt while i helped load the laundry in.

I started at my watch having seen (NAME) eating my stolen ramen in (GENDER’S) room. Only a matter of time before (GENDER) comes out, and it had better be enough to come up with a prank.

Well, if you didn’t laugh or cringe, you get a cookie. If you did, roast whomever you used in the algorithm.

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Have fun, and follow me on tiwtter and yt, yoshiyowgamingandtech.