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Caturday: Photos and fact

4 Dec

Today’s photo:

A new series

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How to take care of a cat: points you need to know

2 Dec

Just got a cat? Here are some tips.

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How do you take care of Meow?

Woah! You just got your first cat! How do you take care of him? Well, cats are magic. Or was it babies are magic? Or was it dogs are magic? Ah forget it.

Cats around kids and people

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Were did you get this Ebay? anyway, I don’t want it. How much did it cost?

Cats age 7 times faster than humans. While babies learn to walk, feed themselves and speak, cats have this after 1 month. For example, after 1 week newborn kittens have fur, basic hearing, and basic sight.

Be very careful about cats and babies

The cat shown above may looked shocked, but she was just smelling to test if this new thing that had come home was not an assination attempt. Now I’m sorry, but cats do not like babies. While babies have never been my favorite kinds of people, cats will not like them. This photo describes the common attitude-

When a cat sees a child getting more than it does, it will be very, very mad. Cats see babies as odd things that are attention magnets- sucking the attention from a cat. This means cats require to be slowly let off of their attention siphon- so they can share their attention with a very young child. This includes letting cats and babies have diffrent rooms, innstead of a hybrid room. So this won’t happen-

And you don’t have to rehome anyone. Sorry you had to see that.

Toddlers and cats

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“SOMEONE CALL 911 OMG” Mr. Sandwiches the orange tabby

So you followed step one by limiting your cat’s attention and good news, you kids is now 3. From about 3-8, years old, children need to be slowly introduced to cats. Until their about 8, children cannot understand what a cat is, just a fluffy play toy. When their 8, 100% exposure is nice. So be cool!

Cats and dogs

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Karate kitteh roundhouse kicken your dog

So what happens, is you get your dog, and you get your cat. The hybrid is Tally, a husky, probably an Ausky, who acts like a cat-


So what do you do? Get them together as puppies and kittens, and teach them how to be together by feeding them together, letting them play together. Except for pitbulls, the hate cats.

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Xtra notes:

Feed cats protein packed food- they can  smell lack of protein in cheap brands.

Wildcats will hate you if you adopt them after 3 months of age.

Kittens require milk to about one month of age.