4 computers real computers that popped up in movies and tv

17 Oct

Movies and TV shows are some of the most consumed media out there. Some movies (like the one shown below)Image result for computers featured in tv shows and movies

use fake props using doors for windows and pears for apples. But what computers really did appear- real ones?

We all see those movies and tv shows where charcaters eargerly tap on their pear books or other fake devices.

4. Jerry Seinfeld’s Macs (1989 – 1998[and 2009 spin off])

Image result for 20th anniversary mac seinfeld

Where’s the BOSE sound thingy?

While the one pictured above is 20th, in the show he also owned a classic and some other models. In the reunion he uses an Intel iMac but still has the vibe. At least before hulu botched the whole thing by replacing with a dos pc in the recreation.

3. The Goldberg’s apple II (2013 – Present)

Image result for the goldbergs

The title card for the show is super funny, but tells us nothing about the computer.

While the Goldbergs do have an Apple II in their house, the one I am talking about is the one Adam played with in the most recent episode. The one were his mother cheesed the floppy drive to get him banned from the computer lab.

2. Lovejoy’s Amiga 3000 (1986-1994)

Commodore’s computer shows it’s face in this british tv series.

While I can’t say what’s going on that much, I know that the Amiga 3000 was like the linux from commodore and it’s cruical and lifelike role in this scene rendering a sword (?????) is very nice.

  1. Barb’s bartender’s Casio Z-7000 PDA (1996)

    An obscure PDA for a not so obscure movie

    While Barb Wire has little to do with computers,the Casio PDA shown here is a nice touch. While we can hardly make out what he is doing with the pda, and it dosen’t seem to hold any importance to the story, it’s still very cool.


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