Extra’s dessert delights mint choclate chip- the gum I swore by

16 Oct


Image result for worst chewing gum

A woman who suffers from gumexorecadere syndrome, a tendency for gum to fall out of your mouth. There is no cure for GXC, and this woman like other patients admits the sickness is a hinderince. Too bad it’s fake.

Multiple years ago I purchased this from a CVS-

Image result for worst gum ever

Hello gum my old freind, I’ve come to chew you again because a tounge in my mouth wanted gum when I ate food- you get the gist.

Image result for hello darkness my old friend meme

It was the best gum I ever chewed.But extra discontiued it. so I emailed them. and when that doesent work- I will do something like this-

Online petitions

Hello idiots my old freinds, I’ve come to blink an eye about you again..

Or we could read this comic all day-


Hello old posts my old posts, I’ve come to read you again…..


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