What would the best android/ windows TABLET be?

12 Oct

Sure, your android phone has 6gb of Ram and a Snapdragon 821, but what about your tablet?




Body: 2013 nexus 7 in 7, 8, 9, 10 ,12, 13, and 14 inch varients

Image result for nexus 7 2013While the Nexus 7 2012 has a powerful Tegra k1 compared to the 2013 model’s weak Snapdragon S4 pro (A small upgrade over the Nokia X cpu o_o) and 2 gigs of ram, we will be upgrading these specs.

Specs upcoming Pascal Tegra and 6 gigs of ram along with 16-256 gigs of storage

Image result for Pascal Tegra

The upcoming Nvdia Tegra SOC (Let’s call it the P1) will defnitley crush android games along with six gigs or ram- great for any task!

Screen- 4k RetinaImage result for ipad pro 12.9

4k retina is great for such a big tablet.

Finger scanner- Blu energy XL (Touch based)

Image result for blu energy xl

If it was touch based, it size would be great.

Battery: Nexus 10

Image result for nexus 10 battery

9000 MIH!

Final Feature- Surface pro kickstand and windows 10 dualbootingImage result for surface pro 4 kickstand

You know why.



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