With the Note 7 gone, it’s Samsung’s 3 biggest mistakes and triumphs

11 Oct

With the Note 7 gone, we look back at Samsung’s cheers and jeers

Image result for Note 7

Good bye for now

The Note 7 is gone for now. After it was killed by battery explosion twice. So let’s look back and Samsung’s biggest cheers and jeers.

Jeer: Verizon Note 3 Carrier Branding

Image result for Verizon note 3 home button

The way Verizon calls out their phones is by removing features, installing bloat, and sticking their cute little logo EVERYWHERE. The Note 3’s home button is wearing your shirt on your eyeballs, it makes no sense!  Later Verizon changed the position to the back of the phone, but no one will ever forget.

Cheer: Galaxy Nexus

Image result for galaxy nexusThe Galaxy Nexus represented a change in android to me. Gone were the back lit keys of the also Samsung made Nexus S, and in were the on screen key days of the Nexus 4, 5, 6, 6p, 5x, and Pixel, not to mention tablets like the 7,9, and 10. It ran ICS 4.0, and set the bar for all android phones from then on. While some were unimpressed with it battery life, it was from a time were android was both crazy innovative and crazy new.

Jeer- Touchwiz Bloat

Image result for samsung bloatware list

Wow Samsung. I miss  the galaxy Nexus. A stock phone. Just look at the photos above.

Cheer: Galaxy S6 Fingerprint Scanner

Image result for Galaxy s6 finger scanner

After the S5 scanner deabacle, samsung revamped their scanner. The end.

But give your galaxy note 7 up or this will happen-Image result for exploding head


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