The best and worst keyboards I’ve ever used

8 Oct

Best: Tomoko Mech keyboard:Image result for tomoko mechanical keyboard

It used Psudeo-Cherry MX blues, and was only 40 bucks, Couple that with the tenkeyless build, you’ve got a great mechanical keyboard.

Worst: Cyberpower PC Keyboard

Image result for cyberpower pc keyboard

For my first gaming PC I was given this keyboard and its subsequent mouse-Image result for cyberpowerpc mouse

and for a while I loved it. But I was to lazy to download the drivers for the mouse. But it has one large problem- It was rubber dome. The large bulky number pad and build made it unusable after one year and I retired from my tomoko one.

Best: Asus tranformer flip

Image result for asus transformer flip

While not for gaming, its chiclet keys hold up to almost anything. Great build and even a number pad, that I didn’t like, but otherwise, awesome.

Worst: lenovo thinkpad 11E chromebook

Image result for Lenovo thinkpad 11e chromebook

I was given this gizmo (if it can be called that, good god) as a loaner for school. Being a chromebook, the software experince was comparable to this:Image result for drowning in quicksand

So that sucks. And not to mention, its chiclets felt like you were pressing air, and it cheap keys switches made typing go from that to this-Image result for drowning in quick sand

So yeah. In fact, that would be more fun, how bout this- marge simpson

TO RECAP- Tomoko, CyberpowerPC, Asus transformerbook, Chromebook, helplessly drowning in quicksand, Marge simpson.


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