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You know what yoshi want now?

25 Sep

Image result for quadro p6000

Image result for extreme core i7

Image result for 2 tb ssd

Image result for quad sli motherboards

Image result for best power supply ever'

etc, etc. etc.

What if XLR was on a soundcard?

25 Sep

I know some people buy sound cards to get better audio quality when recording and listening to sounds. SO you don’t here the sound my knee makes sometimes.

Image result for Knee

A handy guide to how a knee looks.

So what idf CLR was in a sound card for recording with mics.

Image result for xlr port

You decide!

Josh’s guide to parties

25 Sep

Hey guys me josh and this is my guide to parties.

5. Be social

Image result for Funny conversation

Start conversations! Anything goes!

4. Wear what you want

Image result for homer is a dope shirt

I don’t care what you wear. Homer is a dope shirt? Sure! Post it notes? Sure! Ham? Sure!

I don’t care. Just wear cholthes.

3. Don’t dance

Image result for i don't dance meme

2. Tell em josh sent you

  1. Do this at some time-Image result for the middle gif

JKC xp followup- How to break it

23 Sep

I can’t let you do that, so I must do this-

Image result for broken floor

All that time the phone sustained not a scratch. And neither  do you, with JKC’s protection polocy! Or it just does this-

Image result for i dropped my phone and it didn't break


Let’s make a sql- jRetro

23 Sep

A sql!

Image result for microsoft sql

Wrong sql I meant a sequel!

But to what? To an orginal game- this- Ok, here’s a new Yoshi game. Spongebob’s ubtucted by Plankton.The chum bucket flies up to space. So, Patrick and Yoshi go to rescue him. Sounds good right?  Yeah, I was cleaning out old posts. So here’s the new version: The game opens with a title screen: “Yoshi’s Crossover Adventures: Spongebob’s abduction”  The player goes through a title introduction. It ends with yoshi and patrick seeing him leave. The player then chooses chracters and fights various bosses going from bikini bottom to other shows and other things. I need to write more of these =)

So yeah. That was all well and good mixing just nintendo characters and nick and cn etc characters. But now I’m an xbox and PC gamer, and here’sa sequel-

The game starts off with a 30 second cut scene explaning the story and controls. All the teamed up characters (Master cheif, Patrick, Gumball watterson, Chuck norris, Micheal Fisher, John cena, Some kid on xbox live,Doge, Spongebob, Clarence,  etc, etc, etc) are suddenly teleported to another universe when a new enemy emerges, and in this case the foe is a Cobra with a deadly mech suit. SO the team teams up and fights to rescue what their all searching for. Chan you beat this run n’ gun? Find out in “Yoshis crossover adventures episode 2- What we all want” For xbone, (lol) PC, and wiiU!


At the end each character defeats the final boss the cobra. But when he is defeated, we get our stuff back and everyone goes back to their own worlds- for about a day.

Image result for the hype train has no brakes

Let’s get JKC interactive and Pblishing (My new companies that exist because I said they do) andf Droga5, shall we?

the perfect android phone? Let’s mush these together

23 Sep

Bare bones stuff? NFC, Bluetooth, etc, etc, etc.

Image result for android big phone meme

Lenovo lemon x3

Image result for lenovo lemon x3

Reason- Obsucure but good looking.dab squidward dabbing dabbing squidward

Build- HTC 10 (Blue color)

Image result for htc 10

While I kind of beefed on the 10 recently, it’s back and sides are salvageable, but the front is kind of….. let’s say tacky.

Fingerprint Scanner- Nexus 6p

Image result for Nexus 6p

I love the scanner of the 6p. That’s it. Also it has to be back mounted. HAS TO. Right below the camera.

Screen- Nexus 6p (with retina technology)

Image result for 6p screen'and….Image result for iphone 7 retina

Image result for mind blow#ThugLifeImage result for MY bed is 7:00 I go to bed at 7:01

So yeah. I love the 6p’s screen and the retina is a good addition.

Speakers- Nexus 6pImage result for Nexus 6p speakers

1 word: Stereo.

Nav buttons- on screen and cousom


Why did I choose this? I am picky. that’s it.

Camera- Galaxy note 7

Image result for galaxy note 7 camera

Just squash the galaxy note 7 camera with p9 stuff.

OS- Pure NougatImage result for Android Nougat

You know why.

Name- JKC Cobra Xp

Well that’s it guys.

Wait! We forgot duriblity and battery life!

Nokia 3310,

while this phone is going to have a 4,000 mh removable battery, the 3310 can survive from, i don’t know, the begining of time to, the end of the world.Same for durabilty.Image result for 3310 broken

Extra features and nesscities:

Required: NFC (duh) and audio jack, usbc, bluetooth 4.0

Extra IP 75 water and dust resistent, Removable battery, self healing

Changed recovery icon to stickman fiddiling with an android saying “ow ow ow”While it says RECOVERY modee at the top and at the bottom stuff that scared me to death when I turned on my mom’s tmobile my tough 4g and thought the sakting androids meant her phone had a virus and the androids were moving out to get away from the heck-

recovery_modeInstead of

Image result for android recovery mode

I know it’s the cyanogen one.

Specs- Qualcomm snapdrapon 830, Adreno 530 gpu, 6 gb of Ram, gorilla glass four and of course an added external feature, like a bottom mounted ticker display. and none of these-


Image result for samsung galaxy beam

Ah samsung.

Image result for htc evo kickstand

I’ve seen awful chuncky cases with better kickstands.

Image result for lg g flex 1

Not the self healing but the curve.


Image result for moto flipout cyanogen

Is that a gba emulator?

The feature? Coustom colors.Image result for cool story bro hercules

But theres one last feature.Image result for wat lady found

and it is……Image result for surprised patrick

Rooting does not void your warranrty, and  you have unroot ability.Image result for sue heck gif

I don’t know how to explain it, so here’s a random image:Image result for nicolas cage face swap


More fake tech news

22 Sep

Fake tech news! Apple to relase the iphone 7 butthurt edition wich comes with a headphones jack, and a free tube of butthurt cream.


The nexus marlin rumors changed to this-


The v20 to be marketed under the play more slogan like this-


Nvdia to release the 1050, to look like this-geforce

Microsoft to release the kin 3-


Guys, forget this, you know it’s fake.