The Best and Worst Show on Cartoon Network

10 Apr

Hello Everyone.Today I’m gonna discuss the best and worst shows are CN.


Worst: Steven Universe

this show sucks

For anyone who’s heard of Ninjabread man for the PS2 and Wii, you’ll know the game has so much potential.So many ways to improve. same for SU. The show centers around a fat kid who looks like he eats 6 meals a day. His freinds are OP. And this kid has a thing in his belly button? No. That is just plain wrong. Garnet? No… just… just no. And the charcters are barley aware of anything-I mean it just feels….. silly. The humor is paper-thin. The plot is so thick you feel like you are getting nowhere.


This show is epic

Aww yeah. TAWOG just takes the cake. The humor is insanely funny. “My whole life flashed before my eyes…. AND IT’s BORING!” I mean who was not gaffawing??  The people? Aware! Dumb! Not weirdos!


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