Storyline of the simpsons episode bart on the road

8 Apr

Principal Skinner is going to honk Kong but bad rental prices force him to leave on Friday. He schedules a go with your parent to work day and Bart is forced to go with go with Patty and Selma. Meanwhile Lisa is bonding with Homer at work. Martin Prince is betting stocks with his dad and wins 1 millions but loses all but 600. Meanwhile Bart has gotten a fake ID. They run around town doing dumb things until they run into Martin, who has bought a Scottish dog he calls “Flipsy” and announces he was spending at the Wee (not Wii) market, where he bought Flipsy. Martin offers them 600 bucks which they use for car rental.  They hop in a car, and drive away, but not before Nelson throws Flipsy out the window were it gets run over by a car. A muffled “HA-HA!” is heard  in the distance as Flipsy flips for the last time. Marge is at home when Homer calls her and invites Lisa over, were she has fun with him. Marge is lonely at home and wakes up maggie to have something to do.  Bart, Martin, Milhouse, and Nelson go to see an Andy Williams concert ( with Nelson’s request) and stops at the world fair- that has been dismembered. The boys (I’ll just call them that to save time) and they buy wigs at the wig store that repleaced the fair. Martin anouces they are broke- and then Nelson throws a rock at the sunsphere, causing it to fall over on to the car. They then try to sell Milhouse’s glasses- but they lose the deal.  Bart becomes a courier to be  able to travel to Springfield. Eventually, Lisa tells Homer to keep a secret. He wants to kill Bart- but he holds off. They return to Springfield. That was 100% not detailed, so read a wiki for more detail.


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