Here are 5 knockoff video games to avoid

8 Apr

Was your WiWi or Battman or even your POP Station lacking the bang it once had? No worries! Buy these!

5. Extreme Chores


oh no

COMING SOON: Extreme Chores 2- Most Windy.

That kid does not look like he’s having fun. At all. He looks like he wants to die. Just saying. Anyway, hate chores? Too bad! Also this box is bad for comic sans haters, unlike myself. Now I will say this is not a game but a prank were you put like an XBOX 1 or PS4 inside. My bad.

4. Sonic the hedgehog 4

your DMCA is waiting.jpg

Your DMCA is in the next level.

I don’t know what’s worse: The premise of this game or how many DMCA’s the creator’s gonna get.

3. Mario Pizza Pop

I don't think I want to know.png

Hope you have a twin!

This game is a pirated NES thing… for any of us who want to plug our cart into the slot and ruin the glory the NES once had.

2. This Mario Game.

I don't want to know.jpg

  1. Ultra Dario
We're not even trying

Coming soon to the U WiWI: Ultra Dario WiWi!

I’ll just let you make sense of this yourself.


Oh, and for those of us who love nintendo toys, check out the memorable chars of DINO AND MARTIN! WITH PLASTIC MARTIN AND DINO’S CLOTH PLANET!

oh yeah and there's this.jpg

I think Mario is called Dino, but I’m not sure.

Sleep Tight.


4 Responses to “Here are 5 knockoff video games to avoid”

  1. TheLinguistGamer April 12, 2016 at 10:48 pm #

    Good stuff! Reminds me of my ripoff post. I’ll be adding the Extreme Chores when I get a chance, thanks to you. Good onya!

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