8 Apr

Hey people. I got news.


First, Lee Carvello’s Putting Challange goes live on PS4, Xbox one and Wii U and new 3ds e-shop next week. The game is rated E, the xbox boxing is counterfit if you look it up. Here’s some more news: Pokken Tournement, which I do not own and do not regret not owning, is getting a parody- Polandball Tournament. Next week on e-shop. More news? Sega’s new console, the Gamecast, goes live April 28th. Here’s a pic:gamecast

The Gamecast is Sega’s attempt at revamping its old Dreamcast. Sega says the games will feature ports of duct tape madness, but this has been the only game confirmed for the system. The controller will look something like this:

they fell for it.jpg

In Nintendo news, Nintendo and Microsoft says the NX will be the Nintendo Xbox and will have new things like virtual live and XBOX console. In other news, the iPhone 7 is set debut on June 3d: here’s a pic:

heh heh heh

The PS5 is Confirmed by Sony and is set to look something like this:


Now Sony says this photo was leaked and the actual console says PS5. It will support the games Extreme chores, Bread Poppin’ 900 and Family Blankeez: the game as launch titles.

Phillips is making a new CD-Based Console, the FCDS (Fun CD system) and will have titles like Link: The faces of Evil 2. Phillips says it will have a launch title with it called Phllip The Plumber. I don’t know if this is a Mario knockoff or not. It is partnering with Fony, and the controller will be this


Microsoft is entering the handheld market with this:


Also, Blackberry Limited announces a Blackberry 10 based Microconsole called the Ayuo. Set release title is Angry Farm. Here’s a screenshot of gameplay:


BL also announces they will start a sucsessor called the Kcitsemag. But they also said it may be called an O.J.O.M or a VT Ativ SP. But a rival, Ztacdam will enter against them in this market with their Arget. The Arget launches with Arget Kartz and Reve Emag Tseb. Miss the Apple Pippin? It’s coming back as the Apple iEosnocekaf. It comes out June 2d.

MadCatz’s M.O.J.O. was sucsessful, but can they top it with this: the Elosnocorcim? It connects to the service Drawkcabdiordna. Chintendo, makers of the smash hit Vii make a handheld called the Irigemag.


One last thing: DRUMROLL PLEASE





All of that article was fake xD Got You!


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