5 ways to spot a console ripoff

1 Apr

We know that when it comes to confused grandparents and cheap prices there’s a few things kids, including myself and parents and grandparents need to know before you set foot in Best Buy, Game stop or any other store to buy a console. Here’s 5 ways to get what you need.


5. Plug N’ play


Heh heh. It says It’s not just a game anymore. Then it plays games.

An almost WiiU VC built in for free with the console that sells games except all you do is choose a game and play it. Now while the WiiU’s virtual console costs money this one is free with the console. Now some Plug n’ play games (mostly games themed off of one thing) usually have a joystick and button with a base shaped like the theme.

4.  Incompetent

the x gaem

“Mom, that’s not an X.”~ Bart Simpson

This 8-bit Xbox ripoff sold in Mexico is some sort of odd thing. But for what it’s worth, the first thing you’ll notice is that the Xbox, the Wii U, and the PS4 can render humans almost, till the point that you can hardly tell they are animated. For those of us who haves played Need for Speed Most Wanted U (drop the U on other consoles[also this is the 2013 release, not the 2005 on with Razor and those people]) you can almost imagine you are driving that car. So with these 8-bit ripoffs, watch out. Minecraft is the only modern game that looks good with 32 bits anyway.

3. Fake logos

wat de wat.jpg

The Nintendo PolyStation, with a Sony display, and Microsoft hardware. By Namco.

For anyone who has played the Wii U, you know the only logos are the Nintendo logo and the Wii U logo. Then you look at these ripoffs like the Battman, the one shown above, and other things. Well in this case this Namco logo isn’t even real, the Nintendo logo is real, but only because it plays NES-FAMICOM GAMES. The Digital Stereo thing should also be a red flag.

2. Odd name


Works with a console made 30 years earlier. Huh.

Yep, this is a TV game, a Television computer system, a title not used since the 1970’s consoles. This machine is a really just a re-titled Atari 2600. And yes it is compatible with one. But anyway, I can’t really say much more on this.

  1. It’s just plain weird


I offcially have no idea what’s going on here. I think it is a portable (or not) Wii ripoff with an LCD display. IDK.



2 Responses to “5 ways to spot a console ripoff”

  1. TheLinguistGamer April 12, 2016 at 10:55 pm #

    Nice post! Reminds me of summat I said in a post like this. Also, I just noticed that there are loads of Famicom carts under the first PolyStation box.

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