do’s and don’t in PC gaming controllers

21 Mar

DO: Logitech Gamepad F310



Ah, look at that PS4 shape. The D-pads so well placed with buttons and anolog pads in poitions ergonomic to the core.


Alphagrip controllers


I know I talked about these before, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.


DO: Xbox 1 controller for windows

1 and done, pick one and done

I do like this controller. Responsive, easy to use, good for games.


DON’T: MadCatz L.Y.N.X


I think I didn’t ask for extra grilled.


DO: PS4 controller


Just a bluetooth gamepad =D



6 Responses to “do’s and don’t in PC gaming controllers”

  1. TheLinguistGamer April 12, 2016 at 11:01 pm #

    Lol…Madcatz totally looks like the Darth Vader pig from ABSW. Also, Alphagrip? I think I just found the worst controller in existence.

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