How we all see the Xbox 1

13 Mar

The sucsessor to the amazing Xbox 360, a console with controller I wanted before the One came out to complement my old Xbox, and Wii (I didn’t have a WiiU at that time) but never got it. I still have no Xbox 1 or Sony Plastation 4. But now, the one was made with internet and skype support. It also included a sick controller like the WiiU and Playstation, but a lot of people complained that the one was well, total baguette. Some say the one will go out like the dreamcast. The voice control and futuristic controller kind of made it come up too fast. The graph below shows the how baguette people thought it was. Honestly, I would put on, oh mabye the BOOSTER BOY, the PS3 SOUL KATANA, INTEL WIRELESS GAMEPAD, and other stuff. But whatever.  Anyway, xbox 360 did a 360. Boom, there ya got it. Shoulda called it the Xbox 45. An 8th of the Xbox 360. woo hoo.


i knew it


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