The 25 worst video game controllers of all time

2 Mar

25: Nintendo 64


Congratulations 3-handed people, you just got a controller. Well, sorry 2-handed people. The out of place joystick and 3 prongs make it look weird. Use the Hori n64 minipad for a better play.



SpaceTec SpaceOrb 360

space flop

At one look this horror  is impossible to use, and overall stupid. thanks a lot.


23: Virtual boy controller


At first this controller scares you a little. 2 d-pads, half the controller is never used in gameplay, and it was made for a nightmare of a system.


22: Jaguar Controller

dumb jag

How about we order pizza with this? It’s blocky, unsuable, and dumb. Don’t even try Atari.

21: Sega Saturn controller:

big fat.jpg


See how it looks like the Sega Dreamcast? Yeah. It’s about the size of Saturn, with the fatness of a 700-pound man eating Mickey D’s.



Sega Dreamcast


Here we see a fat sega dreamcast. With the fat stomach and whole for acsesssories, and if you lost one, you had a hole. It was sega’s last controller.


19: Resident evil 4 chainsaw



An impossible to play gamecube controller.


18. Phillips CDI controllers


One was a stethoscope, the one shown was a TV remote. The other was a regular controller, but a peice of junk.

17. Ps3 katana


Impossible to use,only good for decoration.

16: AlphaGrip AG-5 PC Gaming and Text Entry Control


First of all, it looks awful, is impossible to type text with, and is useless.


15. Nintendo Power glove



Every kid in the 80’s dreamed about it. Then you got it, and it didn’t work.

14: Hori fighting commander 3

hoti fight.jpg

So impossible to hold. Dosen’t fit your hand.


12:PS 3 Wu-Tang logo controller

Wu tang

Sure, the logo looks nice, but this junk dosen’t fit your hand.

11: Intel Gamepad


Horseshoes anyone? The plastic at the bottom breaks easily, And it looks stupid.

10 Namco driving controller


It is stupid to use, and badly shaped.

9. ALPS interactive gamepad


Does not fit your hand, and looks horrible.

8.Sega Dreamcast Fishing


The badly made rod is made so you can relax and look bad.


7. UForce


Back in the days of the NES, things like the UForce were hard to make. So they were un responsive and bad.

6. R.O.B


If you rember SSB ROB, this is orginal ROB. To be a buddy to ply NES with you,  he was slow and bad.

5. Tony Hawk ride skateboardtony

It was unresponsive, bad, and overpriced.



As some of you know, it had bad detection and caused you to twist your ankle playing.

3. Wii bowling ball


As you know, it was badly stank as a controller. Hard to use.


2. The slime


Bad balance, bad fingering, accounting for bad gameplay.

  1. Nintendo 64 Dual analog




Impossiblity meets a controller. That’s it.


Well that’s it, see yall. ~Yoshi


3 Responses to “The 25 worst video game controllers of all time”

  1. TheLinguistGamer April 12, 2016 at 11:05 pm #

    *sees last one*

    Kyrie Eleison! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…

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