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The 5 best video game controllers of all time

29 Mar

5.Wii classic controller and Wii classic controller pro


For the sleek smooth ergonomic PS3-nes- wiimote look, it sure packs a punch. It makes  playing car games and 2-d platformers less akward.

4. Wii U pro controller

wii u pro.jpg

The xbox 360 shape is great for this controller. it fits your palm so well when you are playing games.


3. Sony Playstation 3 DualShock


It was a refined version of the already great Ps2 controller. It wasn’t as complex as the ps4 either.

2. Xbox 360 controller


The ergonomic structure of the sticks, d-pad and buttons were all in a perfect structure.


  1. SNES or Super Famicom controller


The ergonomic shape of the controller with 6 buttons  was perfect for street fighter II and was great for evolving into new heights. Nintendo has always wanted to set the standard for a good controller and this was not out.




reichtangle drawing

27 Mar



Swissball drawing

26 Mar


True story m8

26 Mar

When cheesy CN pre-Teen Titans GO!  superhero shows get canceled for other people



My reaction:



Teen titans Go! Video game refrences in one episode: For the true gamer

26 Mar

E’llo. For those of us who can recall this episode, here are the refrences in it. Hope you enjoy =)


Cyborg’s game (Pie hunter)


For anyone who has seen this, Cyborg is driving  his car to get some pie when the crazy man in a suit (above) starts chasing him. He rams cyborg and cyborg gets out and bugs him about insurance. When the man refuses, he leaves. Cyborg gets back on the road and later the man starts chasing him and trying to shoot him down. He gets his car, and the pie shop. Game over.


The real game here was in the title: Spy Hunter.

Here’s a screen shot:


Also cyborg is a man of refrences because he dreams about himself acting like sonic the hedgehog.

Starfire’s game: The legend of the legendary quest

double ech

Long story short, Starfire meets an old man and some other people and goes on a quest fiinding useless items.

Now to get into this refrence. The ledgend of Zelda.  The old man is a refrence to an old man in the SNES Zelda game, the wooden sword and bottle are based off of REAL ZELDA ITEMS, and  some other things. Now for this remake, I have one thing to say: ech.


Raven’s game: Circle guy


I’m just going to say Namco’s Pac-Man and leave it at that.


Beast Boy’s game: Cross the road

cross it m8.png

The “Frogger” refrence is an elephant in the room. But I found the section to describe the game in not a nutshell, but a shellnut. I also like how when Beast Boy after tons of trying makes it all the way across, he’s eaten by a snake! Nice work cartoon network.

not bad.png

The Obama pic sums it up perfectly for that one.


Robin’s Game: save the princess

yep yep he was yeppin in the oh well you get the gist

The best game of the all: SMB All I can say.

Sumopaint drawing: Estoniaball

25 Mar


Yep. I’m a polandball junkie =) Also this was drawn with sumopaint online, but I also have Inkscape.

do’s and don’t in PC gaming controllers

21 Mar

DO: Logitech Gamepad F310



Ah, look at that PS4 shape. The D-pads so well placed with buttons and anolog pads in poitions ergonomic to the core.


Alphagrip controllers


I know I talked about these before, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.


DO: Xbox 1 controller for windows

1 and done, pick one and done

I do like this controller. Responsive, easy to use, good for games.


DON’T: MadCatz L.Y.N.X


I think I didn’t ask for extra grilled.


DO: PS4 controller


Just a bluetooth gamepad =D