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My car blog!

22 Aug

A few beutiful cars

22 Aug

Lexus Lfa: So amazing supercar. may I say more?

Acura NSX: Amazing. It’s just that good.

I’m sorry, but this is so beautiful. So curvy and sharp. Could cut diamonds. BTW, it’s the lambo veneno.

under new mangement.

14 Aug

Adorable Relatable animated GIF

OH you thought the blog? Oh no, still being run by me.


this is insane.

14 Aug

Mad Tv Mad Magazine animated GIF lol the jazz hands

Me blogging

14 Aug

 animated GIF gif from giphy

Me like gifs

14 Aug

Idea Yoshi animated GIF gif from giphy

My dream car(s)

14 Aug


ford gt90 concept

lambo countach

chrysler ME 214 concept (ONLY 1 WAS MADE.)

Toyota FJ cruiser

Citreon / DS survolt