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random+yoshi+steve from minecraft=my blog

13 Jan

Sorry i haven’t tyeped in a long time. So Have you ever played Minecraft? The creepers scare me. Also the Endermen do to. The pigmen do to. I’ve never been to the nether. Well um i also like yoshi.



P.S. The minecraft guy is steve.

I found this cleaning out old posts

12 Jan

Ok, here’s a new Yoshi game. Spongebob’s ubtucted by Plankton.The chum bucket flies up to space. So, Patrick and Yoshi go to rescue him. Sounds good right?  Yeah, I was cleaning out old posts. So here’s the new version: The game opens with a title screen: “Yoshi’s Crossover Adventures: Spongebob’s abduction”  The player goes through a title introduction. It ends with yoshi and patrick seeing him leave. The player then chooses chracters and fights various bosses going from bikini bottom to other shows and other things. I need to write more of these =)