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got nothin’

24 Sep

got nothin’


23 Sep

“An ancient metalloid,I am often found attached to other elements.Keep an ‘eye’ out for me–I was once used in mascara,but I can induce violent vomiting and certain death.Once a popular murder weapon,I’m more often used to make alloys and simicodocters.”P.S.I need antmony.(pure.)

Fun Basher Characters from Technology

22 Sep

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First I asked my frieds it:Ceramics:”Ancint in origin,i stood the test of time.I’m smoth,glassy,and cold-hard enogh to stop a bullet,resistant to chemicl attack,and impervos to heat.

Souds impresive??Well theres more!!!Unlike many mterils,I refuse to be bent or bilut on and are siply to hard to melt.”ZO