More Leadership Lessons From Harrison Bergeron

10 Oct

A really good article about one of my favorite short stories ever. I apologize for the lack of posts, Been really busy. Also, happy 10th birthday tf2!

DOCMARTIN1: It's Business and Personal

I continue to think about what constitutes powerful leadership. In the book “Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power,” the author states that “life if power.” Interesting comment. However, this author also states, “Power at its best is resurrection to full life, to full humanity. Whenever human beings become what they were meant to be, when even death cannot finally hold its prisoners, then we can truly speak of power.”

Power and leadership go hand in hand. For someone to be a leader presupposes there are followers. If one is a follower, then that implies some sense of power of leader over follower. Power is something that can be used for life or destruction.

Yesterday I displayed a 27minute video of Harrison Bergeron, Kurt Vonneguts short story written in 1961, to my Social Entrepreneurship class. At the end of the video I asked them what they thought. They were speechless…

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The blogofcoolness has a new look

30 Sep
new look

MsPaint can work wonders.

I recall when the blogofcoolness started. I was six, and I loved the nintendoo character yoshi and minecraft. Having grown to be my age, I have lost almost all interest in both of these things, and will decide to introduce myself to you today, updating what this blog will now be about.

Team Fortress 2

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When will the pyro update come out actually?

Yes, I know that this game has received its fair share of “dropped of the face of the earth” comments over the past year with the rise of team based shooters like Blizzard’s Overwatch and Hi-Rez studios’ Paladins, not to mention the other popular games, including shooters like Splatoon that are sometimes even brought up these debates. While I think the concept of debating games is dumb and for the sake of creating contreversy, I belive that TF2 is a fun game. Between the hats, and the funny characters, it will remain my favorite game even until its players succumb to playing with automated computers on the trading mode. Oh yeah and I main pyro.

panic attack

I unboxed a strange one of these a few days ago


Personal Thoughts


I have no idea.

Yes, personal thoughts. and pretty much anything that comes to mind.



I recall seeing a picture of a woman buried in cherries with only her face showing, kiwis on her eyes and a cherry in her mouth. The lack of context here is what’s funny. Why is this woman buried in all these cherries? Why are there kiwis on her eyes? How did she get there? Is she happy? Sad? it’s just also random


Anything elese

This is a good example:

Image result for 2008 was 20 years ago


Stay around, the worst site ever.