Noredink’s ad-libs- cringy, cringy, cringy

26 Jan

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Everybody and their brother, sister spiritaul advisor, youtuber, imagniary freind, stalker, doctor and everybody else has heard of Noredink, or No Red Ink as it’s more commonly called. Now if you have not, then heres what it is, now listen closley-

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NRD is a grammar practicing site used to help kids practice grammar in a fun and engaging way. Now it does this by having the student submit their intrests such as television shows, video games, books, celebs, and custom intrests. It then takes these and inserts them into questions like this-

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Now these questions seem innocent on their own, with their own little punch lines mixed in. But it gets cringy with questions like this-

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so normally,we could leave the cringe alone and let it chill on its own, despite it being oblivious. And I mean this by it’s given me questions with characters from the simpsons that have died such as Edna Krabbapel and Maaude Flanders. So, let’s rev up those fryers.

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So, let’s make up some questions. They will be listed below, but feel free to make up your own with the same algorithm. Example-

(NAME) Danced with joy as (GENDER) was announced winner of the spelling bee.

Now to get started, get ready. Breathe, let’s go. (For max cringe, use the name of a YouTuber or someone else you’ve never really known much about, beyond a psudeo name and some small nuggets of personal info.)

(NAME) had always wanted to travel or even move to key west, but (GENDER) was used to the cold weather of their current house.

(NAME) laughed as they replaced the ramen and the fridge with shredded wheat, laughing as (GENDER) poured in the hot water to get things cooking.

After a long day at school, (NAME) found comfort with (GENDER)’s computer.

(NAME) laughed as they did the noredink challange on the blogofcoolness.

I offered to help (NAME) clean up all of the scraps from the party, but (GENDER) said they would do it as it was my birthday.

I congratulated (NAME) on their chemistry test grade.

(NAME) Handed me (GENDER)’s sweatshirt while i helped load the laundry in.

I started at my watch having seen (NAME) eating my stolen ramen in (GENDER’S) room. Only a matter of time before (GENDER) comes out, and it had better be enough to come up with a prank.

Well, if you didn’t laugh or cringe, you get a cookie. If you did, roast whomever you used in the algorithm.

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Have fun, and follow me on tiwtter and yt, yoshiyowgamingandtech.

Caturday: Photos and fact

4 Dec

Today’s photo:

A new series

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How to take care of a cat: points you need to know

2 Dec

Just got a cat? Here are some tips.

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How do you take care of Meow?

Woah! You just got your first cat! How do you take care of him? Well, cats are magic. Or was it babies are magic? Or was it dogs are magic? Ah forget it.

Cats around kids and people

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Were did you get this Ebay? anyway, I don’t want it. How much did it cost?

Cats age 7 times faster than humans. While babies learn to walk, feed themselves and speak, cats have this after 1 month. For example, after 1 week newborn kittens have fur, basic hearing, and basic sight.

Be very careful about cats and babies

The cat shown above may looked shocked, but she was just smelling to test if this new thing that had come home was not an assination attempt. Now I’m sorry, but cats do not like babies. While babies have never been my favorite kinds of people, cats will not like them. This photo describes the common attitude-

When a cat sees a child getting more than it does, it will be very, very mad. Cats see babies as odd things that are attention magnets- sucking the attention from a cat. This means cats require to be slowly let off of their attention siphon- so they can share their attention with a very young child. This includes letting cats and babies have diffrent rooms, innstead of a hybrid room. So this won’t happen-

And you don’t have to rehome anyone. Sorry you had to see that.

Toddlers and cats

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“SOMEONE CALL 911 OMG” Mr. Sandwiches the orange tabby

So you followed step one by limiting your cat’s attention and good news, you kids is now 3. From about 3-8, years old, children need to be slowly introduced to cats. Until their about 8, children cannot understand what a cat is, just a fluffy play toy. When their 8, 100% exposure is nice. So be cool!

Cats and dogs

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Karate kitteh roundhouse kicken your dog

So what happens, is you get your dog, and you get your cat. The hybrid is Tally, a husky, probably an Ausky, who acts like a cat-


So what do you do? Get them together as puppies and kittens, and teach them how to be together by feeding them together, letting them play together. Except for pitbulls, the hate cats.

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Xtra notes:

Feed cats protein packed food- they can  smell lack of protein in cheap brands.

Wildcats will hate you if you adopt them after 3 months of age.

Kittens require milk to about one month of age.

When you act up in class and your teacher starts calling your parents and you gave her the number to pizza hut

22 Oct

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ZTE’s eye tracker- a new concept

21 Oct


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No, not nostil tracker!

With a winner of a crowdfunding project, ZTE debuets winner with an adhesive eye tracking phone

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With ZTE’s crowdfunding project over, they came up with this. I assumed it will be used for people with disabilities and people with stong eyes.

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I’m training for the new ZTE phone.

Samsung galaxies- from i7500 to s7 edge

20 Oct

Own Samsung flagship android phones the galaxies? you may be suprised to know their history.

Samsung galaxies. Samsung has made a name for themselves as being sharks in the lake of the smartphone pond fighting against apple smartphone with iPhone and many other android fish and sharks of variying sizes like the google pixel, LeCo, and Asus.

Were it all started- the i7500 

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Not much has actully changed.

With a 3.2 inch 320 x 480 OLED (yes, I said OLED, like the 4k tv OLED) a 528 MHZ cpu, 128 MB (yes megabytes) of RAM, * gigs of internal storage, Android 1.5 Cupcake, a 1.5 megapixel and a 1500 mh hour battery, all for about $832. It was made of glossy plastic, and featured a massive suite of physical controls.

Picking up steam- the orginal Galaxy S

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That home button could fit a finger scanner.

The Galaxy S orginal may have still peak its face out of hundreds of  other samsung phones and continues to be obscured more everyday by samsung themselves like this image-Image result for buried up to neck

But nonetheless it had-

A 4 inch super amoled 480 x 800 display, a one gigahertz cpu with 512 MB or RAM, (and a selfie cam) 8-16 gigs of storage, and android 2.1. Oh, and a 5 megapickle camera.  it was $749, and has now been buried behind many others.

For power Users- GS2


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Home button still huge, new gs4 esque touchwiz and 8 megapickles.

Let’s see the specs-

4.3 inch SAmoled plus display 400 x 800 resolution, Dual core 1.2 gigahertz cpu,  1 gig of ram, 16 – 32 gigs of storage, Android 2.3.4, and an 8 megapixel camera taking full HD video. All of this was powered by a 1650 mh battery, all for $832, it made a splash.

The galaxy s3- A huge overhaul and the phone my science teacher has

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Tiny home button, but glossy plastic. Like the iphone 7 3gs edition.

The specs- 4.8 inch 720p s-amoled display, 2100 mih battery,  quad core 1.4 gighertz cpu, 1 gig of ram, 16, 32 and 64 gigs of storage, android 4.04 ICS, 8mp camera and $823

The s4- the phone I own, and an upgraded gs3

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Looks like mine.

The specs- 5 inch 1080p S-Amoled display, 1.6 gighertz cpu, 2 gigs of ram, 16, 32, and 64 gigs of storage, Android Jelly Bean, all powered by a 2600 mih battery, for $1000 at launch.

GS5- trying to innovate, but failing

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Nice band-aid build.

Specs- 2.5 gighertz Quad core cpu,  32 gigs of storage, 2 gigs of ram, 5.1 inch 1080p S-Amoled display swipe based finger scanner and ip 67 waterproofing, 16 megapixel camera, and kitkat touchwiz.

GS6- Rebuild

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dang that’s cool.

Specs- 5.1 inch 4k S-amoled display, 16 megapixel camera, Octacore 2.1 gigahertz cpu, 4k video recording and a finger scanner all powered by a 2550 miliamp hour battery.

GS7- TodayImage result for galaxy s7

5.1 inch 4k S-Amoled display,4 gigs of ram, 1.6 gigahertz cpu, 12 Mp camera with 4k video recording and touchwiz, all with a 3000 mih battery.

The lg v20 at tmobile- you had me at BING BING BING BING BING

19 Oct

V20 50 bucks down with free B&O headphones? You had me at hello.

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While I was going to wait for the Xiaomi mi Note2, but when I saw this-Xiaomi Mi Note 2 1

I needed some of this-Image result for eye bleach gif

So the lack of selfie cam and display chased me away. But when I heard I could trade in any eligeable 4g lte device and for $50 get the v20 and a lot of freebies now until december 12th redeemed on Lg’s website and a free LG pad X 8.0 with a 24 month finance agreement and $350 of in-store credit? You had me at hello. So I can experince this-Image result for narwhals narwhals swimming in the ocean t mobile